Fee Schedule

These fees reflect that Balch typically serves those needing high-level parliamentary assistance. However, he is prepared to negotiate discounted services for non-profit, religious and student groups, and is willing to consider negotiated flat fees, in place of hourly fees, for individual projects such as bylaws consultation or preparation of a professional parliamentary opinion. For clients receiving regular parliamentary assistance, he is happy to negotiate retainer contracts.

Meeting or convention parliamentarian:

Meeting of 4 hours or less, each day


Meeting or convention parliamentarian:

Meeting of more than 4 hours, each day


Professional presiding officer:

10% discount on meeting parliamentarian fees

Teaching workshop or presentation:

2 hours or less


Teaching workshop or presentation:

2-4 hours


Teaching workshop or presentation:

More than 4 hours, each day


Preparation of professional parliamentary opinions, bylaws amendments, review of bylaws or other governing documents (with recommendations for improvement) or other provision of advice or consultation on parliamentary procedure


Substantial travel time (requiring more than about an hour round trip); in addition, when substantial travel is required, reasonable reimbursement for (or client provision of) meals, lodging and airfare or other transportation expense


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Reimbursement of reasonable expenses is also expected.